Commercial Iron Removal

Iron is the most common ground water problem in the greater Ottawa area commercial water treatment industry today. Iron presence in water causes reddish-brown staining, and its bacteria causes slime, deposits that can build up in and clog pipelines, water heaters, water softeners and pressure tanks. These iron deposits will greatly reduce the flow and pressure of commercial water supplies, and are resistant to traditional detergents, chlorine bleaches and alkaline builders. The accumulation of iron deposits can be easily solved through commercial iron removal offered by Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc.

Our commercal iron removal systems are self-maintaining, energy efficient, and operate without the use of harsh chemicals through the use of a catalytic reaction. Our commercial iron removal systems are also less expensive and easy to install and use compared to commercial iron removal systems from our industry competitors. The technicians at Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. can assist you with your commercial iron issues by way of our commercial water analysis service:

  • We will analyze a sample of your commercial water to determine if any iron exists in your facilities water, and we will confirm the levels of iron present.
  • We will assist you in choosing a commercial iron removal system that will best correct your iron deposit issues.
  • We will quickly install your new commercial iron removal system to act as an iron guard for your business, and to ensure cost savings and the effective operation of your commercial equipment.

With more than 21 years of experience in the area of commercial iron removal system design and implementation, Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. offers a full line of commercial water treatment solutions that also includes commercial water softeners. Our courteous and skilled technicians can solve unsightly commercial water iron deposit issues with our durable, effective, economical and ecological commercial iron removal systems, allowing for pure, clean water for your commercial application for many years. All of our commercial iron removal systems are fully guaranteed, and we promptly provide commercial iron removal system troubleshooting and repair if ever required. Achieve clear, colourless, iron-free water from Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. Contact us today for a free in-business estimate, and to learn more about the commercial iron removal systems that we sell, install and maintain.